11 October 2019

How To (Safely) Experiment With Your Trading Strategy

How To (Safely) Experiment With Your Trading Strategy

The key to becoming a well-rounded and experienced forex trader is having the ability to confidently experiment with forex strategies. Having a good sense of assurance and calculated determination in trades will make traders well-equipped to tackle many circumstances which the turbulent market may present before them.

In today’s blog post, we’ll outline some ways that you can expand your knowledge of the market to explore new forex strategies, with the end goal of benefitting your trading profitability and improving your overall success rate.

Practise, practise, practise


Making changes to your strategy can have a larger impact than you may initially have thought on your trading profitability and success rate. Your strategy is intrinsically valuable to good trading practise, so shouldn’t be carried out recklessly or without caution. So, gaining as much practise and experimenting as often as possible will stand you in good stead to make positive trades and steer you away from any potential boredom.

To practise your forex strategy, a demo trading account is effective to identify where you may need to tweak the process of learning how to trade, all while negating the risk of losing money when doing so. However, it’s essential to remember that demo accounts can’t ever provide an exact replication of live trading. So, while gaining sufficient practice is always beneficial, we recommend trading with caution when you’re applying your strategy in the live market.

Learn from trial and error


Embracing and learning from trial and error on both demo accounts and live trading is vital to refining your forex strategies and, consequently, improving your overall success rate. While it can sometimes feel that you’re practising on a demo account for much longer than you’d have liked, it’s essential to remember that it’s very uncommon for any trader to learn how to trade effectively straight away.

To cover all bases, once you have a basic forex strategy, finding scenarios which don’t fit your strategy (or scenarios that may require some strategic alteration) is an effective way to learn from trial and error. To test your strategy, it’s important to decide when the changes you have made are strongest and when they are weakest, all while having your end goal at the forefront of the mind. Adapting your strategy is key to understanding how each decision you make in the forex market will impact your trading outcomes, improving your overall success rate as a result.


Stick to your trading journal


Having an efficient log of concrete data and evidence is intrinsic to making a measured decision on how effective any changes to your strategy are. So, you’ll need to ensure that you’re logging your results and accurately noting all outcomes of your experiments to inform subsequent changes to your forex strategy.

The bigger sample of data that you consult before making any trading decisions, the more likely that your trades will be successful.

Gaining an appropriate level of experience is vital before making trades and testing out new forex strategies to gain successful and profitable outcomes. Whether you’re an accomplished trader or a beginner, for more information on experimenting with your trading strategy safely, join us at one of our free forex workshops, where our professionals will offer some valuable forex trading tips on how to trade successfully.