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By only working with the very best organisations available who share our vision, we’re able to offer you all the support required to realise your true wealth potential.


Capital Index is based in the UK but provide online brokerage services globally. Giving clients the opportunity to access Forex (and many other markets) via their award winning trading platform.

Staffed by experienced traders with successful careers in the financial markets we offer in-depth insights and knowledge. Underpinned by advanced technology we offer a stable, rapid, premium, online trading experience.

A friendly, dedicated, customer service team are available 24 hours a day. Capital Index’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Woolfe when being interviewed by Traders Magazine summed up the ethos of Capital Index when he said:

“We at Capital Index are no different in offering our clients exceptional value. However, regardless of all the free whistles and bells that now come as standard with most trading accounts the real difference between a bad, good, or exceptional broker is ultimately how well they handle your trade. At Capital Index we take this last part extremely seriously as for us this is the true measure of the quality of us as a broker. We operate an STP execution model and therefore have no client conflict, allowing us to place our clients at the very heart of our business.”


SmartCharts, the latest innovation in trading technology, is the trading platform that Learn to Trade uses to train aspiring traders. Our platform combines the best trading and training features on the market. Simplifying the trading process, while adding interactivity, functionality and performance never before seen on trading systems.

Developed by Greg Secker in 2014 with the help of the best traders and developers available, SmartCharts has become an industry leader. Designed to give traders the edge, resulting in better profits while managing risk. So, what’s the competitive advantage of SmartCharts?

  • Advanced strategies – predefined institutional trading strategies make it easy for traders of any level to make highly profitable trades
  • Risk management – safety features prevent traders from making mistakes, like placing the same trade twice or trading in the wrong direction
  • Time saving – scans the markets and identifies trades so you don’t have to
  • One click trading – place all details of a trade at the touch of a button, for fast access
  • Performance – track your performance through the trade journal to build a portfolio of all your trades
  • Safety features – set alarms to alert you, so that you can manage the trade ensuring profitability and mitigating loss
  • Trade alerts – tips and ideas are sent directly to you from our senior traders across the globe ensuring you’re always on top of your trades
  • News – feeds are imbedded into the charts to help you avoid trading when it’s risky, while remaining aware of uncertainties which may interrupt a trade
  • eLearning – industry leading educational videos teach you how to use the software quickly and effectively